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Terrace Ridge Services
Terrace Ridge

Terrace Ridge Assisted Living offers:

In House Physician Services
Terrace Ridge Assisted Living as an in-house physician through Physician's Eldercare. Dr. Gambino can serve as our resident's Primary Care Physician if they choose. He is in our community every Tuesday and available to see his patients that need his care, new orders or general oversight for their medical condition. They accept Medicare, Medicaid, and other Insurance plans.

In House Podiatry Service
Dr. Jessup with Jessup Foot and Ankle Specialist comes to our community every three months to provide Podiatry Services. There is a fee the resident/family pays for this service.

In House Weston Group Therapy Services
In-house Therapy is available through the Weston Group located in our community. They offer occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy. They accept various insurance plans.

LifeSource Counseling Services
Talk therapy provide by LifeSource professionals. They accept various insurance plans.

Other Services available soon:
Mobile Comprehensive Dentistry Services
Mobile Comprehensive Eye Services